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3 Benefits In Playing Drums for Kids

A child can gain so many skills when they learn how to play a musical instrument. And if you are thinking of one that they should play, then you may want to consider getting a kids drum set. These kinds of drums are a perfect for a child because they are small and easy to use. This means that a child, with the right kind of practice drum set, will be able to learn how to play drums in no time at all. And there are also some distinct advantages to learning how to play the drums too.

Easy to learn to play

While the drums are not an especially easy instrument to learn how to play, it is still particularly easier for kids to learn how to play it. They will certainly enjoy learning how to play the drums more than the piano or the flute. This is because kids will naturally be bursting with a lot of energy, and you will find that they will enjoy expending that energy as they start banging on their drums. And by getting your kids a drum set, you will be giving them access to an easy and fun to play a musical instrument.

Very durable

A drum set is a very durable instrument, and it should be able to withstand whatever kind of punishment that your kids will throw at it. Drum sets are built and constructed to last through whatever kind of force is impacted on the drums. So you should not have to worry about your kid breaking a drum set because they hit it too hard. In fact, many people have drum sets that have lasted since they were children. So if you want a very durable kind of musical instrument for rambunctious children, you should get a drum set.

Many positive effects

There are many positive effects on learning how to play music, and the same is also true for learning how to play the drums too. Children will be able to stretch their creative muscles, along with their physical body’s muscles too. So when children play the drums, they are getting exercise and a creative outlet at the same time. You should get a drum set for children if you want them to receive these many positive effects on their development. If you just get them this kind of musical instrument, then they may grow up as happier children.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that your kid could gain if you just get a set of drums for them. You should search for a kids drum set right now and purchase one for your child. Your kid will greatly appreciate the gift that you will be giving them. And who knows? Getting your child a set of drums could be the stepping stone towards a brighter future for them. They may end up becoming a world famous rock star or drummer if they just learn to how to play the drums while they are still young.

How To Find The Best Drum Set For Kids

Kids drums sets are one of the most enjoyable things that make children happy and enthusiastic. Parents can get the drum sets anywhere as in both online and nearby shops. Bu few factors are there to see and concentrate while buying kids drums. Below appending are of:

  1. Material made up of:

First of all, see to the material that the drum is made up of. Whether in metal or plastic of fibre et al. The right and best material for kids drum set is hi-plastic non-breakable, which would be less in weight (kids can carry it easily) and no breakage would happen often (as kids have tendency of throwing things even out of joy and out of rage).

  1. Size:

The size of the drum must suit the kid where he/she should be able to carry while playing. It must not be too big for which he/she will lose the interest of playing or nor too small for he/she will be not able to make music while playing.

  1. Quality:

Not just think as drums, drums play an important role in kids’ growth. It helps to find few medical factors even, hence parents are advised to go for good quality, that gives quality music with properly in-built speakers, lights (that are not too sparkling) and if possible find with learning ideas. Some may come with letters, numbers, fruits, vegetables, kids’ rhymes et al to keep them engaged and also to match with the maxim: learn while play.

Medical factors: Kids drum set and drum set for toddlers help parents to find out the regulatory functions of motor organs, touching, hearing and intelligent sense of the kids. In which pre-toddler is the stage of kids getting affected by autistic disorders!

Allow children to play with group for social behaviour and to keep them engaged with different set of play things for their well being and for standard growth structure.

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John Joining Rush As The Drummer

It was a cool fall day in 1961 John decided to join Rush as their lead drummer. The band Rush had gone through about eight different drummers at the time. None of them were able to keep up with the pace that the band wanted to play at.

When John went to audition, the band simply had him bang on his drums as quickly as he could in order to produce the best song that he could on the fly. Wasn’t allowed to use any kind of sheet music. John had to think of everything from his head on the spot and then bang away on his drum set.

John was incredibly nervous for this audition because he desperately wanted to go mainstream with his drumming. So when John got the call, he eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

When he finally sat down in his drum stool, gripped his drumsticks firmly in his hand. Immediately the band told them to begin playing.

John hit the snare on his drum set about 10 times and then took off into what would become known as the foundation for the song Tom Sawyer by Rush. While it would be many years before Tom Sawyer actually became one of their songs, the bandages simply could not get that drum solo out of their minds. They knew that they need to come up with perfect lyrics in order to fit the drum solo.

John was immediately hired on the spot. They estimate that a drum set he had at home, and if that he could bring it with them on tour. John told him that he had a children’s drum set for one that his parents had bought him when he was growing up.

The band was kind of in shock about this. How could someone be so good at playing the drums when I only had a children’s drum set? Well, the band decided that he must be a prodigy and decide to buy in the most expensive drum set that was ever made in the 1960s.

John would end up doing magical things on the drum set, as we all know. It was a blessing in disguise that he learned on an inadequate drum set when he was growing up. Once he was able to finally play on a top-of-the-line drum set, that’s when he really started to make magic happen.

That’s another thing I want to point out about John. Being a top-of-the-line drummer means that you can drum an absolutely anything. When he finally get a timeline drum set in your hand, magic happens.

Overcoming Diversity with a Drum Set

John grew up in a very poor family on the west side of Philadelphia. If you’re familiar with the show the fresh Prince of Bel Air, is the same style of neighborhood that John was from. He had very little growing up when it was just his mother and his eight siblings. They often had to fend for food on the side of the road in order to feed themselves.

John never had much in life, but he knew that his passion was going to be a musician. Oftentimes you be found on the side of the road playing drums on a bunch of empty 5 gallon tubs. While they were nothing like the drum set that he would eventually have to plan in front of millions of people, they suffice for the time being.

As John was banging on his little plastic make-believe drum set, he would earn money from his family. You play at the more popular places in Philadelphia and would have people throw him money to do so. Good bring home as much in a week as his mother would.

Eventually the family decided that John was so good that they should buy him a drum set. They’ll pull the money together for four months straight in order to buy John his first drum set.

John was the happiest little boy in North when he was able to first hit is drum set with his drumsticks. The sound that rendered from those drums echoed throughout the whole North America. Why you might ask. That’s because that was the birth of a legend.

John would take a drum set absolutely everywhere that he went. He would bring it to his high school gym and then play concerts for everyone, as well he would bring it outside of the Liberty Bell and set it up and play concerts there.

Normally street performers would need a permit, but John was so good at playing on his drum set that they let him play there for free. They knew that they were in the presence of greatness so they allowed John to drum away.

John brought so much joy to the city of Philadelphia that he is permanently enshrined there. They created a statue of them which is going to go up right next to the Rocky statue. Of course, is going to have his drum set right next to them.

Best Drummer EVER!

John Rutsey from Rush is by far the best drama that ever lived. There’s absolutely no denying that. The hits that he created and the techniques that he used in the drumming world are to live on forever.

More and more the youth today and actually anyone that’s learning how to drum on the drum set is using the wonderful techniques that John had taught everyone.

You see, while everyone always equates Rush to being one of the softer heavy metal bands of all time, they were actually one of the more technically skilled bands of all time. They were led by their drummer John, who is one of the best technical drummers of all time.

He was so legendary that is drum set is enshrined in the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame. He is the only drummer to ever have his drum set and stride in the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame. That’s just a testament to how good he was.

He actually has had several college courses at bigger schools like New York University and Harvard where they have taught his drumming techniques on his particular drum set the whole student body.

It’s amazing how much is man was able to accomplish. He was actually the genius behind the Tom Sawyer song that really took rush to a whole another level.

If you listen to the drum solo that is in that song, you’ll be always impressed. It is one of the things that everyone always remembers from that song. How the heck could John have been so good on the drum set that he had? That is a question that everyone always asked.

It’s a shame that John is always overshadowed by other drummers such as Lars Ulrich and Ringo Starr. I think that’s because Metallica and the Beatles are much bigger bands than Rush ever was. That’s kind of unfortunate, because John definitely deserves to be known as the best drummer life, not just to enthusiasts such as myself, but to anyone was ever appreciated music.

In the meantime, all of you to do is talk about John on this website as a play on my drum set that is identical to the drum set that John used to play on.