Best Drummer EVER!

John Rutsey from Rush is by far the best drama that ever lived. There’s absolutely no denying that. The hits that he created and the techniques that he used in the drumming world are to live on forever.

More and more the youth today and actually anyone that’s learning how to drum on the drum set is using the wonderful techniques that John had taught everyone.

You see, while everyone always equates Rush to being one of the softer heavy metal bands of all time, they were actually one of the more technically skilled bands of all time. They were led by their drummer John, who is one of the best technical drummers of all time.

He was so legendary that is drum set is enshrined in the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame. He is the only drummer to ever have his drum set and stride in the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame. That’s just a testament to how good he was.

He actually has had several college courses at bigger schools like New York University and Harvard where they have taught his drumming techniques on his particular drum set the whole student body.

It’s amazing how much is man was able to accomplish. He was actually the genius behind the Tom Sawyer song that really took rush to a whole another level.

If you listen to the drum solo that is in that song, you’ll be always impressed. It is one of the things that everyone always remembers from that song. How the heck could John have been so good on the drum set that he had? That is a question that everyone always asked.

It’s a shame that John is always overshadowed by other drummers such as Lars Ulrich and Ringo Starr. I think that’s because Metallica and the Beatles are much bigger bands than Rush ever was. That’s kind of unfortunate, because John definitely deserves to be known as the best drummer life, not just to enthusiasts such as myself, but to anyone was ever appreciated music.

In the meantime, all of you to do is talk about John on this website as a play on my drum set that is identical to the drum set that John used to play on.