John Joining Rush As The Drummer

It was a cool fall day in 1961 John decided to join Rush as their lead drummer. The band Rush had gone through about eight different drummers at the time. None of them were able to keep up with the pace that the band wanted to play at.

When John went to audition, the band simply had him bang on his drums as quickly as he could in order to produce the best song that he could on the fly. Wasn’t allowed to use any kind of sheet music. John had to think of everything from his head on the spot and then bang away on his drum set.

John was incredibly nervous for this audition because he desperately wanted to go mainstream with his drumming. So when John got the call, he eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

When he finally sat down in his drum stool, gripped his drumsticks firmly in his hand. Immediately the band told them to begin playing.

John hit the snare on his drum set about 10 times and then took off into what would become known as the foundation for the song Tom Sawyer by Rush. While it would be many years before Tom Sawyer actually became one of their songs, the bandages simply could not get that drum solo out of their minds. They knew that they need to come up with perfect lyrics in order to fit the drum solo.

John was immediately hired on the spot. They estimate that a drum set he had at home, and if that he could bring it with them on tour. John told him that he had a children’s drum set for one that his parents had bought him when he was growing up.

The band was kind of in shock about this. How could someone be so good at playing the drums when I only had a children’s drum set? Well, the band decided that he must be a prodigy and decide to buy in the most expensive drum set that was ever made in the 1960s.

John would end up doing magical things on the drum set, as we all know. It was a blessing in disguise that he learned on an inadequate drum set when he was growing up. Once he was able to finally play on a top-of-the-line drum set, that’s when he really started to make magic happen.

That’s another thing I want to point out about John. Being a top-of-the-line drummer means that you can drum an absolutely anything. When he finally get a timeline drum set in your hand, magic happens.