Overcoming Diversity with a Drum Set

John grew up in a very poor family on the west side of Philadelphia. If you’re familiar with the show the fresh Prince of Bel Air, is the same style of neighborhood that John was from. He had very little growing up when it was just his mother and his eight siblings. They often had to fend for food on the side of the road in order to feed themselves.

John never had much in life, but he knew that his passion was going to be a musician. Oftentimes you be found on the side of the road playing drums on a bunch of empty 5 gallon tubs. While they were nothing like the drum set that he would eventually have to plan in front of millions of people, they suffice for the time being.

As John was banging on his little plastic make-believe drum set, he would earn money from his family. You play at the more popular places in Philadelphia and would have people throw him money to do so. Good bring home as much in a week as his mother would.

Eventually the family decided that John was so good that they should buy him a drum set. They’ll pull the money together for four months straight in order to buy John his first drum set.

John was the happiest little boy in North when he was able to first hit is drum set with his drumsticks. The sound that rendered from those drums echoed throughout the whole North America. Why you might ask. That’s because that was the birth of a legend.

John would take a drum set absolutely everywhere that he went. He would bring it to his high school gym and then play concerts for everyone, as well he would bring it outside of the Liberty Bell and set it up and play concerts there.

Normally street performers would need a permit, but John was so good at playing on his drum set that they let him play there for free. They knew that they were in the presence of greatness so they allowed John to drum away.

John brought so much joy to the city of Philadelphia that he is permanently enshrined there. They created a statue of them which is going to go up right next to the Rocky statue. Of course, is going to have his drum set right next to them.